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✔100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEED - Award in your hands no matter what



In a world where the need for something tangible is increasingly lost, and the Film Festivals become more and more virtual and similar to each other, we want to go against the flow.


Winning a prize, and promoting it on the internet, is something incredibly fulfilling. Digital certificates are perfect for social media and internet promotion. We are the first to provide our Winners with the most captivating graphics to get instant gratification online after a lot of hard work.


But if you shut down your computer for a while, wouldn't it seem like you didn't win anything?


Our mission is to provide CARE in everything we do and always work to increase the value of the Vegas Movie Awards™, and above all of the extremely talented artists who win at our unique Festival.


We strongly believe that no virtual product can replace something you can hold in your hands. The size and the weight of a trophy, or the special paper of a certificate, is something priceless. This SPECIAL LUXURY BOX is the sum of everything you could give yourself and give away.


A meticulous work of styling and extreme attention to detail, which certifies your win at the Vegas Movie Awards™ in the clearest way possible.


A unique box ready to give prestige and make your win TRULY MEMORABLE.




Inside the elegantly packaged box you will find:


✔ A LIMITED EDITION GOLDEN METAL STATUETTE with a unique serial number, wrapped in a satin black drape inside an elegant black gift box, with the Vegas Movie Awards™  logo in classy gold foil on the outside


✔ A customized METAL PLAQUE, with gold writing on a black background; with your name, your winning project’s name, and your achievements


✔ A PERSONAL LETTER dedicated to you by our whole Team and personally signed by the Festival Directors, with the official VMA's embosser stamp, placed in an elegant black envelope, and sealed externally with our Original Wax Seal


✔ HIGH-QUALITY LEATHERETTE BLACK HOLDER (we are cruelty-free) with the Vegas Movie Awards™ Logo externally imprinted in Gold foil, and our Embossing Symbol embossed on the inside. Also, a protective transparent film to protect your document


✔ OFFICIAL CLASSY CERTIFICATE, printed on Natural Cougar paper and with a uniquely designed Golden Foil Frame; a single fine copy with your names and achievements, with an assigned Serial Number written that uniquely identifies your Certificate and its uniqueness and authenticity in our archives.


The Certificate is also embossed with our “V” branding, used for all our official documents, with the original signature by our Festival Directors, and sealed with a dark red final Wax Seal.


The box is covered by shipping insurance which covers the entire value of the package.


We make any customization service available free of charge to help you find the bests words to print on your personal letter to your Cast or Crew members. Just tell us what’s your message, and we'll take care of the rest.


This is the VEGAS MOVIE AWARDS’ LUXURY BOX SET, specifically designed for those talented filmmakers and screenwriters who want THE BEST for their achievements.




The VMA’s Original Statuette IS NOT FOR EVERYONE: only our Winners are allowed to order it. 


Expected production time: around 45 working days.


Any custom duties or other import taxes that may be required to pay at the destination in non-US countries are to be paid by the customer.



✔100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEED - Award in your hands no matter what


Our #1 priority here at VMA has always been the happiness of our filmmakers.

Given the on-demand nature of our custom-made Statuettes, we can’t provide refunds, but we stand behind our unique product and the impeccable and caring service our Happiness Team keeps offering to our winning talents every single day.


If you may have any issues with couriers’ extreme lack of care, we will solve them. Send you a replacement. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our Happiness Team Coordinator at




Please provide us with the following details for each Statuette and Certificate you are ordering:

✔ AWARD ('Best …')


(Award of Excellence / Award of Prestige / Award of Merit)


Please also provide us with a PHONE NUMBER and a CONTACT PERSON responsible for receiving the packages. Thanks in advance!


For orders over 5 Luxury Boxes, or if you need to receive your items in less time and want to request expedited service, please contact our Executive Service Coordinator at


VMA also makes available an interest-free payment in installments option. If interested, simply write to the email above so we can work on a plan that meets your needs.

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